7 tips about how to get the boyfriend that is perfect

7 tips about how to get the boyfriend that is perfect

We test 7 various methods to satisfy guys. Learn those that hit the jackpot


You have to be a bit brazen to communicate with some guy just about anyplace. We don’t mean flinging yourself it pays to be a shade more outgoing at him, but. And blinking a grin doesn’t hurt.

Simply by dating a muslim girl reddit chance, on Day certainly one of my objective, a guy that is boyish-looking me personally through to the MRT train. I’m immersed in a brand new guide, a number of dark tales that satirise well-known fairy stories. “What’re you reading?” he asks, peering over my neck. We make sure he understands it is with a neighborhood writer and he probes for details. “Well, um, in Chapter One, Red Riding Hood gets raped by three pigs that are little” we state, before realising that I seem deranged.

Fortunately, MRT cutie isn’t fazed and we also talk about our favourite authors. Realising a golden possibility, we allow my guard down. Like the majority of reserved Singaporeans, I’m wary whenever strangers strike up a discussion. But this right time, I cock my head to exhibit interest and get questions. I learn he’s a swimmer that is avid.


We called seven female pals to set me personally up along with their buddies.

Within a couple of hours, We have three dates that are blind. We realise I’d never tapped to their social networking sites before – appears that they had cool bachelor buddies all this work whilst.

Among the men texts me to organize a romantic date and now we wind up chatting over Whatsapp. He’s an articulate doctor that is 20something. On night out, he picks me up from work. He’s pleasant-looking not some one I would personally’ve instantly noticed at a celebration. I’ve a liking that is inexplicable roguish-looking, bad-boy types. Unfortuitously, they often become more Charlie Sheen than Johnny Depp – jerks.

Our doctor that is young, is just a gentleman, regaling me with funny anecdotes about their work. The night zooms by super fast.

Better luck the next occasion: The quickest means to obtain times. We additionally knew my BFFs would set me up n’t with loonies. The young medical practitioner turned off to be much better as a buddy – the chemistry was lacking – but I’m pleased i acquired to understand him without prejudgments.


Striking on guys at a club isn’t my design, but we take to. Therefore, we head down seriously to a joint that is popular Clarke Quay with my gregarious pal Y. Suggestion: If you’re shy, enlist a wing(wo)man like i did so. She’ll allow you to chat up guys and deflect unwanted suitors as you zoom in on your own, ahem, victim.

Y quickly eggs me personally towards a set of smartly dressed males within their 30s close to the bar. “Pretend to bump into them and apologise. Simply state one thing!” she bellows on the music. We walk up to the duo. Y flashes them a grin and chirps, “Sorry, coming through!”, before pausing at the dining table close to them. With contact initiated, the men chat us up. As it happens they’re pilots. Sexy task, anybody?

After some beverages, we set off for dinner. We chat easily plus one of those, L, informs me exactly exactly just how he finished up traveling. We eventually swop figures and arrange to meet up for team products.

I’m lucky the people don’t pull any moves that are sleazy. In reality, L provides me personally a lift home – classy. The day that is next a colleague remarks: “Men in uniform – I’m impressed!”

Jackpot! (type of): Our team meetup occurs the week that is following. Over supper, we soon realise that while L’s a pleasant man, he’s not exactly my type. But interestingly sufficient, he’s hitting it well I discreetly leave the two of them to go for drinks alone with y that evening – so. It’s my method of spending her back!


I setup a free account on Okcupid and complete a simple character test, so that the web web web site will get me suitable “matches”.

We have 13 communications within five days. The majority are uninspired“Hi that is!” and “How will you be?” are normal opening lines. Yawn. To my horror, there’s even a note from my ex-boyfriend. Your website had gauged us to be always a “74 per cent” match and suggested that people link. “ we guess Okcupid doesn’t exes… filter out,” he texts me.

But there is however some body guaranteeing – A singaporean that is aspiring chef in a Michelin-star restaurant in america. “I saw you’re a journalist and merely needed to talk with you!” he messages. He’s exuberant and upbeat, along with his jokes make me laugh. We progress to Whatsapp conversations in which he delivers me personally pictures of dishes he’s created – ocean bass with poached steak and shrimp with artichoke puree. Well, hey all!


Smart phones may do every thing these times – also assist you to nab a date. At the least, that’s the idea. We test drive it out by downloading Blendr, an app that is dating utilizes your phone’s GPS to identify your local area and alerts one to users nearby. They can be met by you for coffee or even more… But let’s perhaps perhaps maybe not get here.


My buddies break right into titters whenever the Social developing system (SDN) is mentioned. Keeping a available brain, we get on the SDN site. This has a really comprehensive activities page that is listing singles events around city, mostly organised by personal relationship agencies. We choose to go with a drinks that are casual within the week-end.

We get to the bar and am amazed by the healthier turnout of approximately 20 women and men each. We’re seated in sets of five to six. The men in each group move on to the next table, and so on after 20 minutes. By doing this, we all have to meet up one another.

I’m excited to get a fellow scuba diving lover at my dining table. We talk about plunge internet internet sites in Malaysia and just how we might both like to get sight of a fantastic white shark – geeky diver talk.

Once I reach home, we find four Twitter needs and three more emails from dudes we came across during the occasion (such as the diver). Whoa, pretty good.

jackpot!: an effective way to satisfy a few males in a sitting – in reality, it may be a little overwhelming. I ignore the majority of the e-mails and Facebook needs, replying and then the diver. Hey, do you know the probability of fulfilling an individual who shares your dream that is crazy of with great whites?

number 7 A increase DATE WITH FRIENDS OF A PAL

Certainly one of my buddies asks if I’m open up to a dual date. Sounds attractive. You will want to?

We meet for supper in Tiong Bahru. I must hand it to her – her buddies, Tom* and Paul*, have been in their belated 20s, good-looking and great conversationalists. The reason I not have fortune conference guys that are such my personal?

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